Weighted Jump Ropes

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Enhance your cardio and endurance training with this weighted/non-weighted all in 1 jump rope! The jump rope is great for Interval Training/Boxing/ to Increase weight loss, Stamina and Endurance. The jump rope will work your shoulders, glutes, entire back, hamstrings, triceps and forearms. 


PREMIUM QUALITY JUMP ROPE - Designed with premium materials, the jump rope comes with a pair of comfortable ERGONOMIC NON-SLIP HANDLES that ensures a sweat-proof, comfortable, and efficient training


The weighted jump rope spins slower than regular jump ropes due its weight. The slow spin provides a proper jump timing, helps improve your upright posture so that your entire back and shoulder muscles are engaged correctly.


POWER YOUR UPPER BODY - Weighted Jump Ropes require upper body strength in order to continue spin the rope for continuous jumps so in each spin your entire back, shoulder, and forearms muscles are engaged


Weights are REMOVABLE.  May be used for adults and children. Revolutionizing the way you exercise and making it one of the hottest items being sold in fitness!